Christmas Memorial Stationery 2018

Below is a selection of our specially designed funeral stationery. Simply choose a design style and quantity, and then email us the content.

Printed on finest quality card and delivered to your funeral home.

Christmas Cards

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XMS – 01

XMS – 02

XMS – 03

XMS – 04

XMS – 05

XMS – 06

XMS – 07

XMS – 08

XMS – 09

XMS – 10

XMS – 11

XMS – 12

XMS – 13

Orders of Service

Ordering this year’s Christmas Memorial Service Stationery couldn’t be simpler. Choose one of our designs and then email us your request together with your content and instructions.
The Order of Service is printed on top quality 300gsm silk card and then delivered to your funeral home. See below for quantities and pricing.
Please note Orders of Service are not subject to VAT.

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STR01 – Winter Tree

STR02 – Snowdrops

STR03 – Holly

STR04 – Berries

STR05 – Winter Morning

STR06 – Snow

STR07 – Winter Trees

STR08 – Robin

STR09 – Candles

STR10 – Tea Lights

STR11 – Snowy Path

STR12 – Winter Field

STR13 – Snowy Church

STR14 – Wooden Heart

STR15 – Winter Lake

STR16 – Christmas Candle

Books of Remembrance

Ideal for any chapel of rest, where family and friends can leave messages to passed loved ones at this special time of the year.
Books are available in all designs across the Christmas Memorial range; the books contains 36 pages for messages from families and friends and are available in either a 4-box or 1-box option.

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Any of our Christmas Memorial Range designs (listed above) can also be used as a book of condolence design.

Tree Cards

Decorative Tree Cards in a choice of 5 designs, allow families to write their special thoughts for passed loves ones and hang on the funeral home’s Christmas Tree.
(Designs are available in Square (3.5” x 3.5”), Circle (3.5” x 3.5”), and Star (5.5” x 5.5”) shapes. All come hole-punched and with a hanging ribbon.)

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STR03 – Holly

STR08 – Robin

STR10 – Tea Lights

STR12 – Winter Field

STR16 – Christmas Candle

Price List 2018

Download and view Christmas 2018 price list and designs